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RYKWIL FAST TRANSPORT is situated at 9 Gympie Street, Woodstock. We have been operating as a company since July 2004. Prior to that, Shamiel Ryklief had been servicing many companies within the CBD and its surrounds while operating from home.

RYKWIL services many exclusive furniture stores in and around the city centre as well as delivering to residential areas in all suburbs extending as far as Wellington, Hermanus, Villiersdorp, Worcester, etc.

Special wrapping service on request:

We are willing to unwrap items for customers and remove any plastic and boxing

  • Plastic covers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Provision of Boxes


Our skilled team are able to hoist your couches, beds and wardrobes over a balcony from flats or homes using straps and ropes.

In most cases hoisting is required when items such as beds, couches and cupboards cannot pass through narrow passages, staircases and doorways. These large items are usually hoisted down the exterior of the building from a balcony or over a wall.

Careful planning and preparation has to be done to ensure that goods can be hoisted safely. It is therfore important that we are informed of the detailed hoisting requirements prior to the move so that we can have the necessary labour and equipment available.

We are able to do minor hoisting work and will do an assesment on the day of the move.

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9 Gympie Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915, South Africa